Think about the action you want people to take in the lobby

Does your lobby encourage an action?

Does your lobby encourage an action?

The workplace lobby can be a place to not only greet your fellow employees and potential business partners, but also serve as a way to turn visitors into customers. In addition to the welcoming entrance mat with your logo prominently displayed, you want to think about whether or not your lobby encourages visitors to take an action.

The Investor reports that many companies are turning lobbies into a place for transactions, whether it’s selling some products, offering a cafe for visitors to relax in or even making it a workspace for employees and visitors alike. Think about the decor you want to feature, if you’re aiming for a workspace or a cafe, you may want to make sure you offer a relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t just think about the furniture, the walls matter too. Rosen Institute reports that carefully choosing artwork can leave a great impression. The source suggests that choosing local artists and showcasing their work can also help connect your business with your local community. You may also want to think of colors with cooler colors, since they’ve been shown to relax people. Choosing warm paintings could give off the feelings of excitement and urgency, which could be against the theme you’re going for.

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