Think about the workspace creatively when designing a place to work

As you enter, do you like your office space?

When trying to lay out your office in a new building, it’s important to look at workplace trends. What gets people to walk on the entrance mats into work every day should be inspiring, you want to make sure your employees are comfortable as soon as they enter the workplace every day. If you’re able, you may want to consider asking employees what they’re really looking for in a setting.

According to Retail Touchpoints, more employers are designing workspaces that are suitable for the kind of activities people do while on the job, not necessarily reflective of their titles. If you do have the opportunity to design your own coworking space, think about the people who don’t spend a lot of time in their office or those that are constantly on calls. This will be indicative of how you should design the space.

Forbes reports you’ll also want to look at what’s an engaging environment for your employees. If you’re a workplace to hold a lot of meetings or there is a lot of teamwork involved in the day to day, having an open space can help drive the conversation and spark engagement among employees. This can help when trying to increase collaboration and brainstorming among the team.

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