Thinking about a logo change? You’re not alone

If you’re wondering if you should rebrand your company, don’t worry – there are plenty of established businesses that have gone through the same uncertainty you have. While you may worry about alienating your customers or having to change all of the designs on your logo mats, you may be surprised to find out that many people don’t tend to notice.
According to Business Insider, a number of well-known brands have changed their logo design within the past year. Interestingly, many people didn’t seem to notice some of these rebrands. Tazo Tea, American Airlines, Nivea and the Vitamin Shop have all undergone some major design changes. However, other organizations, such as Livestrong, made simple changes (such as removing the “Lance Armstrong Foundation” part of the Livestrong logo).
MSN Money reports that changing a logo design isn’t uncommon, in fact many companies do this every few years in order to stay modern despite the changing time. The news provider points to big businesses such as Coke and Apple, both of which have upgraded their icons in order to meet their audiences’ needs.
“[A logo change is] effective and successful when it represents where a company is and where it’s going,” Barbara Apple Sullivan, managing partner of Sullivan, a New York-based branding company, told the news provider.
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