Using an entrance mat to keep your office clean

You want to stop dirt in its tracks – literally. Using entrance mats at each doorway of your facility is a great way to keep dirt, grime and water from being tracked throughout your office. You want to keep your building clean at all times for the benefit of the cleaning crew, the health of your employees and the safety of your visitors.

Tracking in dirt constantly means your cleaning crew has a harder time cleaning the area. If the dirt spreads, that’s a wider area they have to deep clean. Stopping dirt before it gets too far in should be one of your biggest concerns.

Weekly Living reports your employees can get sick in a dirty office. Think about it – if you’re tracking in remnants from the outdoors, you leave a greater risk of upsetting people’s allergies. Entrance mats can keep nature where it belongs: outside. Consider placing these mats in between the entrance door and the door you use to get into the office area.

Safety is also something to keep in mind. According to the Saif Corporation, slips can occur when the floor is wet. By having entrance mats that soak up the moisture, you can reduce the risk of one of your guests taking a spill.

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