Using mats to prevent slips and spills

Workplace accidents happen all the time, and sometimes it can be due to slippery floors. According to the Coast River Business Journal, falls can account for up to 8.7 million visits to the emergency room on an annual basis. As a result, managers need to be thinking about what they can do to make the workplace a safe environment.
One aspect that may be overlooked is putting mats down on the floor. Although some people may simply think of these logo mats as a way to promote brand message, they can also help prevent falls.
According to the news provider, it’s a good idea to use water-absorbent mats in the entryway of a building. This way, even if it’s a cold and rainy day outdoors, people won’t be tracking in excess moisture, which could be hazardous to other employees. Additionally, the source reports placing mats in areas like the kitchen, so it’s easy to clean the floors or prevent anyone slipping if there is a spill.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that mats should be large enough so people can take multiple steps to wipe their feet off or there’s a big enough surface area that no spills occur on the actual floor. Ensuring these mats are slip-resistant can also help reduce the amount of incidents.
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