Water absorbent mats help reduce the amount of injuries from falls.

Falls are a major cause of injury in the U.S., particularly for senior citizens. It’s important that businesses take safety into account in their décor and buy a lot of water-absorbent mats that can help soak up moisture that could otherwise cause an accident.

The Mayo Clinic suggests removing any obstacles in a work environment that may cause people to trip. This can include low furniture such as tables, boxes and even wires. Additionally, you want to clean anything that has spilled on the floor immediately to prevent any further issues.

The news provider also recommends repairing anything loose on the ground. This can include wooden boards, carpeting and tiles. Rely on your maintenance staff to be on the lookout for these problems, preserving the structure of your building as much as possible.

There are also things people can do in their daily lives to help protect themselves from serious injury when suffering a fall. According to the Miami Herald, it’s important for people to strengthen their bones, and it’s changing the way orthopedic surgeons treat fragility fractures.

Time is of the essence if people suffer a fracture. The news provider reports an orthopedic surgeon needs to treat the injury quickly in order to improve the quality of life following the incident.

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