What does color mean to your business?

You may have your entire business model thought of, but when it comes to properly marketing, you may be forgetting one really important aspect – the color of your brand. This goes beyond the company logo – what color do you want to represent your business? This same color will be seen on business cards, office walls, logo mats and your website. This color – or colors – should be synonymous with the company brand.

According to Fast Company, certain colors can give off emotions to users. This is why brands should think long and hard about how they want to portray themselves. For example, the color black is good for marketing, construction, financial and manufacturing sectors, according to the news provider. Meanwhile, green is best suited for government, medical and scientific sectors, while blue is the key hue for high-tech, recruiting and dental companies.

Business owners will want to think about these tips going forward when they are planning out their marketing materials.

Additionally, Small Business Chronicle reports that although colors are important when it comes to portraying a message, it’s also crucial that they stand out. When people are looking at printed materials, some items may show the contrast better than others, so it’s important that there’s no confusion.

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