Sorb Stance Absorbent Anti-Fatigue Matting

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Sorb Stance Absorbent Anti-Fatigue Matting:

The Sorb Stance Absorbent Anti-Fatigue Matting is designed specifically for combined use with a sorbent pad in environments where pooling liquids can create a safety hazard. Made from a 100% Nitrile rubber compound, Sorb Stance™ is extremely resistant to chemicals, cutting fluids, oils and greases commonly found where sorbent pads are used. This unique mat offers anti-fatigue relief utilizing a raised footing system design on the underside of the mat that provides cushioning comfort and aeration. Features and Benefits:

  • Available in both stock sizes and on-site custom configurations to accomodate a variety of workstation layouts.
  • Molded beveled borders allow for easy access on to and off the mat, while a recessed top surface acts as a tray that holds the sorbent pad in place and traps liquids.
  • The tray top surface has a series of molded pins that grip and hold the sorbent pad in place.
  • Designed to comfortably accommodate a standard 30" wide sorbent pad (inside tray width - 32"). Pads are sold separately.

The Sorb Stance Mat combines a comfortable anti-fatigue mat with a replaceable absorbent pad for use in areas where liquids are constantly pooling up. The top of the mat is recessed to keeps liquids contained and also has rubber pins that keep the mat in place.

•Overall Thickness – 3/4”
•Stock Sizes – 3′x5′, 3′x10′, 3′x15′
Wet environments where anti-fatigue is needed and where pooling liquids can create a safety hazard as well as applications where sorbent pads are currently used.
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