Airug Disposable Surgical Mats

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The #410 Airug Disposable Surgical Anti-Fatigue Mat is ideal for surgeons and other medical personel that stand for long periods of time. These mats come in 2' x 2' x 3/8" thick and have proven to provide tremendous ergonomic support. Each mat is individually wrapped and includes built in beveled edges to prevent trip hazards. Constructed of closed cell foam, the corrugated rib surface provides traction for use with surgical footwear or booties. This material will also provide a barrier between your feet and cold floors. 

Thickness: 3/8"
Color: Gray
Stock Size: 2' x 2'
Pack Size: 8 per pack

Testing: -ASTM D2859 (CPSC FF 1-70) Passes the Federal Flammability Standard DOC FF 1-70
Operating rooms and other areas that require a lightweight, single use anti-fatigue mat.
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