DECKadence Flooring for Rec Boats

NOTE: Models older than 2013 would be a retro fit and you would want to watch the video below on how to create templates. This material comes in 6' widths up to 30' long so you would want to layout your templates within a 6' wide area to have the least amount of waste.

Want the manufacturers logo or your own logo added to the mat?
Send us an email with your make, model and logo to get started!

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Please call 800-810-7847 or email us.

Here you will find a list of DECKadence Flooring pre-cut specifically for Rec models from 2014 to present. If you have an older model Rec boat or other type of boat, please check out our template instructional video or give us a call at 1-800-810-7847 or Email Us with your approiximate dimensions for pricing. All prices listed above are for solid color flooring without logo.

DECKadence Flooring has proven to be to most comfortable boat floor covering in the industry, offering ant-fatigue properties and shock absorption for those choppy days on the water. Looking to have your boat name or company logo added to your problem! We use a state of the art inlay process with 25 different color choices to create you image.



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