Hygomat Evo - Disposable Urinal Mat (12 Pack)

HygoMat Evo Urinal Mat
HygoMat Evo Urinal Mat
Disposable Urinal Mats
Disposable Urinal Mats
HygoMat Evo Urinal Mat
Disposable Urinal Mats
Sold in packs of 12


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The Hygomat Evo disposable urinal mat offers a cost effective, easy, and efficient solution to bathroom odors and wet floors caused by urine spills. Hygomat Evo Urinal Mat is coated with an anti-microbial agent that actually KILLS bacteria instead of just masking the odor like competitors mats.

Each mat comes with an embedded Time in Service Monitor alerting you when 1 month has passed and it is time to replace. This mat is ADA Compliant and has a non-slip backing with double sided tape strip to eliminate movement.



Size: 16" x 19.5"
Pack: 12 per case
Color: Charcoal
Backing: Slip resistant with double sided tape strip
Surface: Carpet fiber with anti-microbial agent
For use in commercial restrooms
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