Knee Saver Protection Mat (Pack of 6)

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Knee Saver Protection Mat :

Working on your knees all day? The Knee Saver Protection Mat saves knees every day by providing a full 1" thick of nitrile foam padding. The compact 14" x 21" size allows this mat to be used virtually anywhere you need to be whether you are an electrician, plumber, stone mason or whatever, the Knee Saver Protection Mat is there for you!

The Knee Saver from Apache mills is non conductive and has minimal water absorbtion properties. Compresion set is 10% Max. The protection and comfort can help improve a workers productivity. Also helps in lowering workers compensation claims. It can help with letting your employees know that you care about there well being for a minimal cost. Made from self extinguishing materials. Removable carring handle cut out doubles a hand stress reliver!

The Knee Saver Protection Mat comes in packs of 6 pads only.

•1″ Thick closed cell nitrile blend, reilient foam.
•Size: 14″ x 21″
Anywhere knee protection is required for any location and on the go travel.
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