Soft Foot 1/4" Anti Fatigue Mat

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Soft Foot 1/4" Anti Fatigue Mat:

The Soft Foot 1/4" Anti Fatigue Mat by Apache is the Light Duty version of their Soft Foot Mat collection. This mat is perfect for areas of standing for shorter periods of time.

The Apache Mills Soft Foot matting is designed to help Improve worker morale and help with leg fatigue while keeping costs down. Rugged and durable 100% closed-cell vinyl sponge anti-fatigue matting. Provides comfortable cushioned surface to stand or walk on. Beveled edges for safety! Great for light to moderate standing environments. Perfect budget option for most matting applications. Material can easily be cut to fit any work area as needed.

Custom Sizes available in 2', 3' 4, and 6' widths! Please call 1-800-810-7847.

•1/4″ Thick
•100% Closed Cell PVC Foam
•Industrial work cells.
•Registers and check out counters.
•Service counters.
•Shipping and packaging work cells.
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