Custom Logo Door Mats

Custom Logo Mats are multi-functional by keeping your floors clean and safe for your customers while promoting your brand at the door!

Ribbed and Textured Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Rubber Floor Mats for the Home, Gym, Restaurant, and Office

Commercial Mats and Rubber takes pride in our selection of quality flooring options, both custom made and traditional in style. We offer every day lowest pricing possible with no gimmicks and great customer service. Safety is one of course our biggest concerns, so we want to provide you with safety mats and flooring that will keep your most high-traffic areas dry and slip-resistant while still providing aesthetic pleasure to any entryway or outdoor space.

Commercial Rubber Floor Mats Including Logo Mats, Gym Mats and Anti Fatigue Mats

If you're conducting any type of branding campaign at your business, a good way to reinforce your company identity is with a custom logo mat to cover and protect the floor of your business. We also pride ourselves in our selection of anti fatigue mats for those who work in industries that require them to be on their feet all day. We all know how terrible tired feet can feel at the end of a long day, so avoid the pain before it begins with one of our custom anti-fatigue flooring options for any and every application.

The Premier Rubber Mats Store

Whatever kind of flooring surface you need to cover, we are sure to have an option for you. Do you work in the restaurant business and need a mat designed to drain liquids and provide traction? Weve got those in our Restaurant Mat section! Are you a spa or salon in need of comfortable, single or double sponge matting to fit around chairs. Weve got those in our Beauty Salon Mat section. Are you a health club or gym in need of interlocking floor mats or gym mats? Weve got a full line of sports flooring / gym mats in our Gym Flooring section!

Outstanding Customer Service

Our customer service team takes great pride in being highly approachable active listeners who will tailor their products and services to meet the specific requests of any customer.  As a small family owned retail operation, we value the fundamentals of business ethics, and emphasize hard work, integrity, and loyalty in every part of our business. Click here to learn more about our customer service team.

We hope you'll spend some time browsing our large inventory of flooring options, and well look forward to filling your order for you soon!