Outdoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor Entrance Floor Mats

When you need a mat that's going to do more than just protect anyone walking into your establishment, you're probably going to be looking for something a bit more aesthetic and visually appealing than the standard outdoor mat options. Well, look no further, because here at Commercial Mats and Rubber, we have tons of beautiful options for outdoor entrance mats!

Floor Mats for Outdoor Entrances

It's just not enough these days to make your first impression once someone has already walked through your doors - grab the attention of people outside first and draw them in with a beautiful outdoor mat instead! Start here, and if you don't see what you're looking for, contact us at any time to discuss custom outdoor matting options for any establishment! Add you logo on a logo mat and promote your business from the moment they approach your doors.

Should I Rent or Buy Entrance Mats?



One of our highest performing outdoor entrance mats holds up to four pounds of dirt and is being referred to as the "next generation Astro Turf". These outdoor entrance mats, also known as 'Commercial Clean Machine', are thicker, heavier, and denser than Astro Turf, and are super-resilient, even under heavy foot traffic. Some of our outdoor entrance mats have specific uses, such as the "Wayfarer". These outdoor entry mats are recommended for use in outdoor entryways, plant entryways, water foundation areas, and schools. The "Super Scrape" is another of our outdoor entrance mats with a combination of features that work together to help keep dirt and mud off your floors. These outdoor entry mats scrape dirt off shoes and channel it beneath the walking surface. Available in three sizes, these entrance floor mats are durable, safe, and are easy to clean. With names like Cleanscrape, Endura, AquaFlow, and TireTuff Cleanscrape, you know that these outdoor entry mats are durable, strong, and extra-ordinary! Other high-performance outdoor entry mats we carry include Tire-Link, The Looper, Spaghetti Mat, Rubber Brush, and the Fore-Runner. Outdoor entrance mats that are resistant to most common chemicals include the Astro Turf H-D. If you're looking for outdoor entrance mats with a warranty, the Diamond Deluxe Duet Heavy Duty with vinyl loop strands features a 3-year limited warranty.