Standing Desk Mats



Many business professionals are making the switch to standing desks which can offer many health benefits compared to a sitting desk. However, standing all day can be harmful to your back and joints as well as increase fatigue without the proper standing desk mat.  Commercial Mats and Rubber has the perfect solution in office matting by offering a variety of anti-fatigue mats that will make standing at your desk a pleasure.  

What is a Standing Desk Mat? A Standing Desk Mat is simply a small anti-fatigue mat that you would stand on while using a standing work station. These mats are made from a variety of materials such as foam rubber, gel, or closed cell pvc to provide comfort while standing at a work station. Not only do they provide comfort, but they also relieve stress on your back and joints as well as increase blood flow which can keep you more alert and even help you burn calories throughout the day!

Below you will find a variety of Standing Desk Mats, handpicked by our professional staff to give you the best possible working experience.

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