Indoor Entrance Mats

If it seems next-to-impossible to keep up with all the dirt, snow, and mud that's tracked into your business, the best solution is a top quality, indoor entrance mat. The unique design of our indoor mats allows for the absorption, containment, and concealment of water and dirt that would otherwise be tracked throughout your store, showroom or office. Reducing water, mud, and slush that's tracked into your business reduces the possibility of slips, falls, and injury on your premises.

Commercial Mats and Rubber offers an array of different Indoor Entrance Mats for use in all types of applications. If your entrance is exposed to excessive rain or snow throughout the season, your best bet would be to use one of our many Waterhog Entrance Mats. These commercial entrance mats are made from quick drying, mildew resistant polypropylene material and rubber or fabric dam borders, holding as much as 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. This keeps liquids from spilling over onto your floor, preventing possible slips and falls.

Our entrance matting products are constructed of different types of surface fibers for use in different types of applications. Looped or Cut Pile Olefin is typically used for our indoor outdoor entrances mats as they are absorbent carpet fibers which will wipe shoes clean. This type of fiber is also sometimes the aesthetically appealing. Other mats like our Waterhog Mats are made with a UV resistant, mildew and mold resistant polypropylene material. This is a synthetic fiber that is known for its extreme durability and quick drying capabilities, perfect for use indoors and outdoors. All of our entrance matting products come with either a non-slip vinyl or rubber backing to keep your matting in place over virtually any surface and more importantly, preventing potential slips and falls.

In addition to our standard indoor entrance mats, we also offer a selection of oversized, custom shape entrance mats as well as carpet tiles for larger entrances that may be oddly shaped. Many of these mats can be custom cut to your specifications for wall to wall applications, recessed areas or with beveled rubber edging applied for over the floor matting applications.

We hope you will find the perfect mat for your location below. Still have questions? Feel free to email or call one of our helpful sales representatives! 


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