3 Part Entrance Mat Systems

Designed for heavy foot-traffic conditions, our 3 Part Entry Matting combines fibers that have both scraping and absorbing qualities for optimal performance. This useful dual action effect of several of these mats helps remove dirt and water from shoes before it gets deposited on your floors. Combining dirt-scraping grass fibers with highly absorbent polypropylene, these 3-part entrance mat systems mats have been designed for specific applications within your business. Their helps you keep your floors clean and safe, whether they are placed in lobbies, outdoor entrances or indoor entrances. The attractive colors give you the versatility to use these scraper mats wherever they're needed.

Entrance Mat System that has 3 Parts

Our 3-part entrance mats are available in at least nine sizes and four colors. For the "Brush Loop", "Brush-n-Clean", and "Clean Loop". 3-part entrance mats sizes range from 2'x3' to 4' x 60'. The "Fore-Runner", "Cross Over 255", and "Walk-a-Way" mats range from 2' x 3' to 6' x 60'. Custom cut lengths are available to those ordering the "Cross Over 255" or the "Walk-a-Way" 3-part entrance mats. Depending on which model you select, color choices for the 3-part entrance mats include burgundy, blue, green, grey and/or brown.

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