Premier Entrance Floor Mats

Functional, Good-Looking Entrance Matting for Virtually Every Business!

Businesses with medium-to-heavy foot traffic are able to keep their floors noticeable cleaner and dryer by placing our premier entrance mats in front of their doors. With an impressive line of entrance matting that have been given names like "Aqua-Trap" entrance mat, "Guzzler", and "Super Soaker Fan", it's apparent that one of the most important purposes of these premium entrance mats is to soak up water. If you're looking for premier commercial entry mats that can handle a lot of water, the "Aqua-Trap" may be the best choice to meet the challenge. The raised perimeter of these floor mats does a good job of trapping water and dirt, and preventing it from draining on the floor.

Premier Entrance Floor Mats

Another excellent matting choice for achieving optimal water retention is the "Gatekeeper". This entrance mat holds up to 1 1/2 gallons of water per square yard. The built up rubber dam borders of these mats contribute to their above-average water holding capabilities.

The Benefits of Buying Mats vs Renting

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