Heated Snow Melting Mats and Foot Warmer Mats

Heated Snow Melting Mats

Make shoveling snow a thing of the past with the all new Melt Step Snow Melting Mats. These mats work off a standard 120V outlet with a GFCI switch to prevent electrical shock. All rubber construction provides perfect traction during the winter months and won't crack even in the coldest environments. Each mat is 3' x 5' and can be placed end to end for walkways or side by side for larger areas like decks or patios. These ice and snow melting mats will help prevent slips and falls and give you piece of mind at your home or business!

Heated Foot Warmer Mats

Heated Foot Warmer Mats are a great answer for cold, drafty workplaces. If you have employees working in a cold warehouse or an unevenly heated office, a simple way to increase employee comfort is by supplying them with heated floor mats or electric foot warmer mats for use under desks or in front of stationary work areas. Heated foot warmer mats are safer to use than space heaters and tend to direct the heat exactly where it's needed: cold feet and legs.  An energy-efficient approach to employee comfort, these electric foot warmer mats are available in two sizes -- six pound and 11 pound sizes -- and, unlike space heaters, electric foot warmers are inconspicuous and don't pose a tripping hazard. The smaller heat mats we carry have an energy output of 90 watts and .75 amps. The larger heated floor mats pictured in our online catalog have an energy output of 120 watts and 1 amp. These durable, fluid-resistant heat mats come with studded backing to firmly grip carpet, and can be ordered with an anti-static option.

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