Ribbed and Textured Anti-Fatigue Mats

Our Textured and Ribbed Rubber Matting comes in a variety of colors, sizes, thicknesses and surface patterns. So which mat is the right fit for your application?

You will first want to measure the area you want to cover and determine if you will need an anti-fatigue mat for a specific standing station, a runner mat for long work stations, or interlocking anti-fatigue mats for covering entire rooms or larger work areas.

Next you will want to determine if your work area is a dry work area, wet work area or a little of both? Will it be exposed to grease, oil or chemicals? Anti-Fatigue Mats are constructed for all different purposes and contain different materials and additives for use in these different applications. If you have a relatively dry work area, you can use an inexpensive mat such as the Blade Runner Mat. For similar use wet and dry areas you could use the Cushion Max Mat, and for your greasy, oily areas you would want to try something like the Supreme Slip-Tech Mat.

Another important factor in finding the right anti-fatigue standing mat is the thickness you will need. If you are just standing for a couple hours a day or less, a 1/4" to 3/8" thickness will probably work for you. Standing 4-6 hours per day, 1/2" to 7/8" thickness might be best for you. If you are standing longer than that and/or have back, knee or joint problems, we have mats that go as thick as 1-1/4" thick for maximum comfort!

These are examples of just a few of our textured and ribbed rubber matting options made for different applications, but we have far more to choose from. If you get overwhelmed by the options, don't sweat it, simply contact our knowledgeable staff and we will be happy to find the perfect Anti-Fatigue Mat for your application! 



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