Anti-Microbial Anti-Fatigue Mats

sof-tyle-antimicrobial.jpgMedical professionals are on thier feet all day long and without the proper matting, this can lead to fatigue, aches and pains, and lower productivity. Commercial Mats and Rubber understands the importance of using the proper mats for each application which is why we only provide the very best medical grade anti fatigue mats that meet the specific requirements of the healthcare industry.

All of our surgical floor mats are made with an EPA registered anti-microbial additive which prevents the growth and spread of bacteria and fungi which could lead to a possible health hazard. These medical floor mats are made here in the USA using the highest quality materials and are commonly used in areas such as hospitals, surgery centers, emergency rooms, x-ray labs, pharmacies, nurse stations and reception areas.

What are Anti-Microbial Anti-Fatigue Mats?

In addition to relieving stress and pain on your back, knees and joints due to standing for long periods of time, Anti-Microbial Anti-Fatigue Mats include a special additive which prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. This anti-microbial agent also inhibits the growth of bacteria and other various microbes, making them ideal for healthcare facilities. Anti-Microbial Mats look and perform the same as your normal anti-fatigue mats, coming in multiple sizes, colors and styles, all while giving you piece of mind by preventing the spread of bacteria.

Anti-Microbial mats also come in the form of Anti-Microbial Entrance Mats, and Anti-Microbial Bathroom Mats. These mats have the same anti-microbial prooperties as the Anti-Microbial Anti-Fatigue Mats, but also keep your floors clean, dry and safe for your customers and employees.


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