Anti-Microbial Entrance Mats

What are Anti-Microbial Entrance Mats?

In addition to removing dirt and debris from shoes to keep your floors clean, Anti-Microbial Entrance Mats include a special additive which prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. This anti-microbial agent also inhibits the growth of bacteria and other various microbes, making them ideal for healthcare facilities. Anti-Microbial Mats look and perform the same as your normal entrances mats, coming in multiple sizes, colors and styles, all while giving you piece of mind by preventing the spread of bacteria.

Anti-Microbial mats also come as Anti-Fatigue Mats and can be found HERE. These mats have the same anti-microbial prooperties as the Anti-Microbial Entrance Mats, but also provide stress relief and comfort for legs, knees and back that are associated with standing for long periods of time.

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