Residential Kitchen Mats

kitchen_mat.jpgThe need for an efficient anti-fatigue mat in a residential kitchen is just as important as having one in a commercial kitchen. Most home kitchens floors are constructed of a hard material such as stone or porcelain tile or even a hard wood which can lead to aches and pains in your back, legs and joints if standing for longer than 15 minutes. This can make what should be an enjoyble experience, a miserable experience.

Why not put the fun back into cooking with a comfortable and stylish ergonomic kitchen mats?! Many comfort kitchen mats on the market today are either too thin and fall apart after a year or so, or they are good quality but just look too industrial. We have changed all of that with the Comfort Craft Collection. These designer kitchen mats offer the style to compliment your kitchen, and resilient vinyl top and pvc foam base to give you years of comfort!

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