Cushion Trax Anti Fatigue Mat

Cushion Trax Mat
Cushion Trax Mat
Cushion Trax Backing
Cushion Trax Backing
Cushion Trax Anti-Fatigue Matting
Cushion Trax Anti-Fatigue Matting
Cushion Trax Mat
Cushion Trax Backing
Cushion Trax Anti-Fatigue Matting

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The #479 Cushion Trax Matting was designed to hold up in the harshest, most demanding dry environments. The durable diamond plated vinyl top surface provides non-directional traction and is easy to clean while the closed cell pvc foam base provides maximum comfort. NoTrax utilizes a patented UniFusion Technology which virtually eliminates delamination of the material as well as a RedStop non-slip backing to minimize mat movement on all types of flooring.

Features and Benefits:

  • One of the 4 most comfortable mats available for dry area applications.
  • Durable vinyl diamond-plate top surface is combined with dense closed cell foam base utilizing NoTrax® exclusive UniFusion™ technology.
  • UniFusion™ bond guaranteed for the life of the mat – See warranty for details
  • Sloped beveled foam on all 4 undersides affords easy access onto and off of mat
  • Manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years is provided
  • Splicing option available for custom widths
  • Certified by the NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute).
  • Vinyl top surface made from 100% recycled PVC
  • Now with RedStop™ to eliminate mat slippage

Please call 1-800-810-7847 for custom sizes. Available in 2', 3', 4' and 5' widthes and lengthes up to 75'.

  • Overall Thickness – 9/16”
  • Stock Sizes – 2’x3’, 3’x5’,3’x12’
  • Roll Sizes – 2’x75’, 3’x75’, 4’x75’
  • Custom Sizes – Available in 2’, 3’, 4’, and 5’ widths
  • Any work cell where worker is at the station for prolonged periods of time.
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