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How to Clean and Maintain Your Logo Mat

wh-impressions_celaya.jpgHow to Clean and Maintain Your Logo Mat

Cleaning a logo mat depends on which type of mat you own. Most logo mats can be simply vacuumed and/or hosed off and hung up to dry. You could also use a professional cleaning service on plusher type mats to remove any soil or debris trapped deep down in the fibers. These cleaning methods would pertain to any of the Jet Printed Mats or Inlay Carpet Mats.

When dealing with tougher outdoor logo mats like the Vinyl Link or Rubber, you can even use a light detergent or degreaser and a scrub brush to loosen up any dirt or grime, and then rinse off with a hose or pressure washer. This cleaning method is only recommended for mats exposed to extremely heavy traffic or when dirt build up is evident. For regular cleaning, it is best to stick with vacuuming and/or hosing off.

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