Renting Mats vs. Buying Mats

There are many unanswered questions about renting commercial door mats and purchasing your own door mats. Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about buying mats vs renting mats and the many benefits that come with purchasing your own mats.

Q: Which is more economical, Renting Mats or Buying Mats?

A: Rental mats are very expensive as a long term matting option. At an average of $0.20 per square foot per week, a single 3' x 5' rental costs roughly $780 over a 5 yr period! In contrast, purchasing a 3' x 5' high performance mat would run you around $100.

Q: What are some benefits of owning your own mats?

A: As mentioned above, you'll experience substantial cost savings by avoiding rental program costs. Aside from that you will improve safety and performance by purchasing a quality mat that is fit for your application, not to mention choosing from multiple colors and patterns that will compliment your facility.

Q: Is renting mats more convenient than owning mats?

A: The service intervals for mat rental ranges from weekly, bi-monthly or monthly depending on what you want to spend. Having a staff member clean the mats daily or as needed proves to be more convenient and cost effective.

Q: Will one mat type and size fit all applications?

A: Most mat rental companies only offer one style in smaller sizes that are not big enough to be effective in larger commercial entryways. This may require multiple small mats to cover your area which can slide around and cause slip and trip hazards. When purchasing your own mats, you will have the opportunity to customize your mats to specific lengths to suit your space.

Q: Do rental mats stop dirt and moisture?

A: Over time, the nylon face fiber on a rental mat crushes flat allowing dirt and moisture to track into the building. The mats used by most rental companies when saturated allow water to run off onto the floor. Purchasing a high performance entrance mat such as the Waterhog Mats offer a permanent bi-level crush resistant surface, trapping dirt and debris while rubber dam borders eliminates overflow of liquids onto the floor.

Q: Are rental mats always delivered clean and in new condition?

A: The age of a rental mat could range from brand new to 8-10 years old. You generally dont recieve the same exact mat after each service interval so consistency can vary considerably which can negatively affect the appearance of your facility.

Q: Are all rental mats changed and cleaned regularly?

A: Most outdoor scraper mats, anti-fatigue and kitchen mats on a rental program are not changed at all and left up to the renter to take care of the maintenance on the mats while still paying a rental fee.

Q: Are rental mats environmentally friendly?

A: Rental mats require fuel for pickup and delivery, energy for washing and drying, and add chemicals to the waste water. Most of our high performance mats are constructed of recycled materials and last 5-10 years.

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