The Benefits of Recycled Rubber Flooring


The Benefits of Rubber Flooring:

There are hundreds of different flooring products on the market today however, it seems more people are choosing Rubber Flooring over traditional flooring products for residential and commercial use. Rubber flooring may not be the least expensive flooring option, but due to the shear resilience of rubber it could be the longest lasting. Because of this, rubber flooring is a perfect fit for homes, gym flooring, dog kennels, health care facilities, ice rinks, ski lodges and just about any other application!

Key Benefits to Recycled Rubber Flooring:

1. Resilience

Rubber is one of the most resilient materials on the market so using it as a flooring option makes perfect sense. The wear resistance of rubber is incredible and depending on the thickness, can withstand thousands of pounds of equipment on a daily basis without rips or tears. Most rubber flooring products are water and chemical resistant preventing mold and mildew growth. Our Dura Shock Mat and Best Flex Flooring  are prime examples of resilient rubber flooring products.

2. Anti-Static

Rubber is a natural insulator which prevents static build up making it ideal for flooring around electrical equipment in machine plants, commercial kitchens and other industrial applications. See our selection of Anti-Static  and Non-Conductive Mats  for other alternatives.

3. Anti-Fatigue

Some rubber sports flooring products may seem solid to the touch but with any amount of weight on them actually offer anti-fatigue benefits during your workout at the gym. Other rubber products such as our #541 FIT Interlocking Tiles orSoft Floor Interlocking Tiles are combined with air to create a softer rubber material preventing aches and pains and boosting worker morale.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Most rubber flooring products you see today such as our SureFlexx Sport Tiles and Survivor Rolled Rubber are made from recycled rubber like your old car tires. This reduces a tremendous amount of waste in our landfills and almost eliminates the cost of raw materials passing the savings onto the consumer.

5. Non-Slip

Rubber Flooring grips and can even become tacky when wet making it perfectly safe for wet area applications. OurTraction Mat and Grip True Mat are examples of matting used in wet areas of commercial kitchens. For extreme wet conditions where water begins to puddle, our Comfort Flow Mats are perforated and allow water to drain through and away from the worker.

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